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Virtual constructions, compatibility and planning. Our work aligns divergences between projects to optimize the time and budget of a building. Check out what each service of our company can contribute to the protection of its construction:


BIM Compatibility

The compatibility of interdisciplinary projects anticipates divergences and constructive difficulties even in the stage of preparing the plants. The identification and early correction of these project deficiencies avoid rework and stops in the execution of services, generating cost and time optimization for our customers. We make projects compatible using BIM (Building Information Modeling) technology for the virtual construction of the projects.

Compatibilização BIM

Executive BIM Modeling

Executive BIM modeling consists of using BIM technology for the virtual construction of the project with the necessary information for project compatibility, quantitative extraction, planning and execution of the work. In addition to project information, we work with information provided by the construction company, making the model faithful to the client's guidelines and constructive practices. This modeling can be carried out from 2D, 3D projects
or even from a project developed in BIM that does not include all the necessary information.

Modelagem BIM Executiva

Project Coordination

We offer project coordination with proactive actions and correct definition of focus and levels of detail according to each stage of project design. Effective construction management anticipates deliveries and decision making, improves quality and reduces designers' hours due to minimized rework.

Coordenação de Projetos

4D Planning

In 4D planning, the building's graphic elements can be linked to the construction schedule. This correlation makes it possible for the manager to follow the physical progress of the construction and see the work being built digitally.

Planejamento 4D

Quantitative Extraction

Due to our executive modeling, we can extract amounts for execution according to our clients' executive practices and guidelines. Quantitative figures can be organized and structured according to our clients' guidelines. In case of design changes and executive modeling, the figures are updated automatically.

Extração de Quantitativos

5D Measurement

Each element of the project is linked to the cost data. Masonry, for example, is linked to its budget and its respective production inputs. A change in the floor plan and the change in the budget happens automatically.

Medição 5D
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