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The PojetaBIM is a Simon Group’s company that for over more than 40 years is in the market of the construction industry. Through the BIM technology (Building Information Modeling) we build virtually enterprises, searching for practical and forward-looking solutions main issues noticed in the constructions.

It is very common to find challenges in the planning and in the monitoring of the construction. Incompatibilities between project, execution and costing that surpass the expected. The obstacles resulting of these matters bring delays, rework and considerable damage to the entrepreneurs.

BIM technology is allied with our vast experience in the construction industry, it has already earned more than 5 million in savings for our clients. We provide an absolute control in the coordination of projects. We align and provide consistent information to the decision-making, anticipating and precisely predicting quotes and deadlines.

We help you to undertake projects that optimize time and investments, with the maximum efficacy that the technology applied to the engineering can offer.


The compatibility of interdisciplinary projects detects divergences and constructive difficulties even in the stage of elaboration of the plants. The identification and early correction of these deficiencies avoids rework and stops in the execution of services, generating great cost and time optimization for our customers.

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